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Posted on 4/10/2020

21st Century Warfare Prayers Book
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We have recently again revised our prayers to attack and dismantle Illuminati operations. This prayer has become part of our revised 2020 edition of the 21st Century Warfare Prayers, released March 22, 2020. The Lord has revealed much to us over the past few months and many people have written me with some new ideas regarding a number of subjects in the book. Many of them will be incorporated into our newest book.

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This week (March 22, 2020) marks the release of the third edition of my book titled 21st Century Warfare Prayers. I wrote and released this book to update other spiritual warfare prayers booklets written by Pastor Win Worley, Dr. Marcus Haggard (click on this link to download his Warfare Prayers in PDF format), Pastor Charles Holzhouser, and others in the 1980s. These booklets were good, but in the 21st century, they have become badly outdated in a number of ways. The sad reality is that Pastor Win Worley, Dr. Marcus Haggard, and Pastor Charles Holzhouser have been dead for many years. They all admitted in their lifetimes that they were only "scratching the surface" in the field of spiritual warfare. I have seen other spiritual warfare books and a number of websites, but many of their prayers were, in my opinion, deficient in one of many ways.

Since the 1980s, deliverance workers (a term coined by Pastor Win Worley to define anyone doing the ministry of deliverance/exorcism) have discovered numerous pieces of information concerning the war against evil that has yet to be put into practice. For example, in the first part of the book, I wrote a prayer to attack the various ranks of the Illuminati spirits working in the heavenlies, the pit, and here on the earth (the prayer has been published on this website, to read it, click here). The prayer not only brings a full-scale attack to them, there is a special section to spoil their goods and relieve them of their economic resources. Doing this prayer will not only slow down their progress, it will limit them economically from accomplishing their goals and objectives. This could be very important considering what was happening to Christians in Iraq, Syria, and the rest of the Middle East at the hands of ISIS/ISIL (I will not debate whether these Eastern Orthodox Church people are truly Christian or not in this article).

The second part of the book is a prayer to strengthen the individuals praying these warfare prayers. It binds many of the major evil spirits working in the lives of many Christians, freeing them from witchcraft, bondage and other evil influences. Then, it looses the godly spirits of the LORD to build up and enhance the individual Christian. The Bible literally lists hundreds of these spirits and very few preachers do anything to bring them into the lives of their parishioners. If people desire to be effective Christians living with the mind of Christ, they need to have the Angels of the Lord (Ministering Spirits) working in their lives. This prayer will loose these angels of the Lord so they can help Christians achieve the goal of living a successful Christian life.

The third part of the book covers the breaking of curses. As I travel around the country, I find that many people have failed to break the curses off themselves and their family lines. This is one of the biggest reasons people have trouble receiving deliverance. The sad reality is that many of these curses are related to sins the people did not even know about. The most deadly of these curses is the Curse of the Bastard, which lasts for ten generations (See Deuteronomy 23:2).

One chapter of this book covers the various forms of occult and witchcraft curses that have been placed on people's lives. Some of these curses can come from individual witches while others can come from covens and other groups of witchcraft practitioners. The prayers also cover multiple types of curses, spells, hexes, vexes, and other incantations used by these people to hinder the ministry of Christians.

I also have written chapters to help Christians get their names out of the demonic database known as the Akashic Records System and also to erase their names from the demonic Quantum Matrix. Most Christians do not realize that these systems exist. Even if they do know they exist, they know little about how to get their names out of these systems. This book gives specific prayers to complete this task.

In the new edition of the book, we added a new book section dealing with the issues of land curses. We explain how they can come about and what you can do to deal with this problem. For example, if you live in a house where a murder has been committed, demons and other spirits can reside in the house, causing it to be haunted. Other times, when people build houses, they bury a dead animal in the foundation to "protect the property." Sometimes, it can be something as simple as having a cursed item on your property. In Iowa and Oklahoma, reading the abstract for a piece of land can give you vital information about the history of that land. In every other place, the research is much more difficult. In any case, discernment is important to determining if a land curse is resident on a property. If there is, this book can help you defeat these curses and secure your property.

21st Century Warfare Prayers is a unique book that will help Christians to win their wars with the devil and his evil spirits. Get your copy today!

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